Motorno kolo Olje Mrežo Filtrov Za KAWASAKI ATV KVF650 H7F,H8F Silo 4 x 4i 2007-2008 KVF 650 Filter Čistilec

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Motorcycle Oil Filters Cleaners Condition : 100% Brand New Color : black Quantity :Choose according to need Material:High Flow Premium Media Height: 76mm Outside Diameter:68mm Package included: Choose according to need Fitment:For Kawasaki KVF360 A1-A3,A6F-ADF Prairie 4x4 03-15 KVF360 B1-B3,B6F,B7F,B8F,B9F Prairie 2003-2009 KVF360 C1 Prairie Advantage Classic 2003 KVF360 C2-C3,C6F-CAF Prairie 4x4 Hardwoods Green HD 2004-2010 KVF360 CBF Prairie 4x4 Realtree APG HD 2011 KVF650 A1-A2,B1-B2 Prairie 2002-2003 KVF650 D1,D6F-D9F,DAF-DDF Brute Force 4 x 4 2005-2013 KVF650 E1,E6F-E9F Brute Force 4 x 4 Realtree Hard.Green HD 2005-2009 KVF650 F6F-F9F,FAF-FEF Brute Force 4 x 4i 2006-2015 KVF650 G6F-G9F Brute Force 4 x 4i Realtree Hard.Green HD 2006-2009 KVF650 H7F,H8F Brute Force 4 x 4i 2007-2008 KFX700 A1-A2, B2 V Force (KSV700) 2004-2005 KFX700 A6F,A7F,A8F,A9F,B6F,B7F,B8F,B9F,C6F (KSV700) 2006-2009 KVF700 A1-A2,A6F Prairie 4x4 2004-2006 KVF700 B1-B2 Prairie 4x4 Hardwoods Green HD 2004-2005 KVF700 D1,D6F Team Green Special Edition 2005-2006 KVF750 A1 Brute Force 4x4i 2005 KVF750 A1 Brute Force 4x4i Realtree Hardwoods Green HD 2005 KVF750 A6F,A7F,B6F,B7F,C6F,C7F Brute Force 4x4i 2006-2007 KVF750 D8F,D9F,DAF,DBF Brute Force 4x4i 2008-2011 KVF750 D8FA,D9FA Brute Force 4x4i NRA Outdoors 2008-2009 KVF750 E8F,E9F,EAF Brute Force 4x4i Realtree Hardwoods Green HD 2008-2010 KVF750 E8FA,E9FA Brute Force 4x4i NRA Outdoors 2008-2009 KVF750 F8F,F9F,FAF,FBF Brute Force 4x4i NRA Outdoors 2008-2011 KVF750 GCF-GEF,HCF-HEF,JCF-JEF Brute Force 4x4i EPS 2012-2014 KVF750 LCF,LCS,LDF,LEF,LFF,LGF Brute Force 4x4i 2012-2016 KVF750 GFF,GGF,HFF,JFF,JGF Brute Force 4x4i EPS 2015-2016

1.Don't buy if you don't confirm you can use them, just ask us for detailed drawing to check if they are fit. 2.You will receive the item same as the pictures.maybe some difference on the color as the light during shooting. 3.Our price does not include duties or import taxes, VAT, or other hidden charges.It means shipping company will charge these.

1.As our good buyer, wish you can give us positive feedback after you receive our high quality products.We always have discount or gift for second-buy customers who give us positive feedback.

2.We showed the shipping time to customers, so don't leave us negative feedback if your package arrived late, it is caused by shipping company. 3.Don't hesitate to email us if any questions, we will reply in 12 hours.Don't open dispute or leave negative feedback easily , trust us and email us directly , all the issues can be solved.

1.Please contact us by email within 30 days if you need a return. 2.Return item must be in original condition, sent the item back to the address we tell you. 3.Purchase price will be refunded but shipping cost is not refundable if buyers buy products in mistake ,buyers need to afford the returning shipping cost . 4.Buyers can require full refund include shipping cost or change products for free, if we posted wrong products, missed package by shipping company , bad quality or products are broken during shipping(require clear pictures of products and packages).

By Airmail: Generally, about 21-28 business days to USA

By Airmail: Generally, about 30-90 business days to Brazil By Airmail: Generally, about 25-30 business days to UK, AU, America, West Europe, Asia.Delivery to the rest of the world usually takes 21-35 working days.We can also ship the item through express service like DHL, EMS, if you are ready to pay the extra charge.To know the details please contact us with email.

  • ustreza 5: KVF650 G6F-G9F Silo 4 x 4i Realtree Težko. Zelena HD 2006-2009
  • ustreza 2: KVF650 D1,D6F-D9F,DAF-DDF Silo 4 x 4 2005-2010 2011 2012 2013
  • ustreza 1: KVF650 A1-A2 B1-B2 Prairie 2002-2003
  • Fits 9: KVF700 A1-A2,A6F Prairie 4x4 2004 2005 2006
  • Ime Modela: NK303 HF303
  • Element Širina: 6.8cm
  • ustreza 4: KVF650 F6F-F9F,FAF-FEF Silo 4 x 4i 2006-2012 2013 2014 2015
  • Vrsta Materiala: kovine in papir
  • Postavka Višina: 7.6cm
  • ustreza 3: KVF650 E1,E6F-E9F Silo 4 x 4 Realtree Težko. Zelena HD 2005-2009
  • Blagovna Znamka: PUVUO
  • ustreza 6: KVF650 H7F,H8F Silo 4 x 4i 2007 2008
  • Postavka Dolžina: 7.6cm
  • Element Teža: 0.3kg
  • Ustreza 8: KFX700 A6F,A7F,A8F,A9F,B6F,B7F,B8F,B9F,C6F ( KSV700 ) 2006-2008 2009
  • Ustreza 7: KFX700 A1-A2, B2 V Veljavi ( KSV700 ) 2004 2005

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