Eno Vrstico Ženski 2.54 mm Pin Header vtičnice Priključek PC104 Dolge igle 15 mm Breakaway PCB Pinheader za arduino 1*6P 1*8P 1*10P

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  • Blagovna Znamka: EziUsin
  • Številka Modela: Pin Header

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Always Yourgirl3636 | 2020-11-15

Products never arrived.

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Damir Men87 | 2020-10-16

These are the fabled good stacking pin header, the kind old electronics hobbyists tell the young ones about, when the kiddies come crying to them about how the low quality stacking pin header on their Arduino shield is unreliable and flimsy, with pins as thin as foil. No, this is not the crap that pervades the market today - this is what stacking pin header should be (and what it was back in the good old days!, with square pins with smooth edges and shiny gold plating, that slides smoothly in and out.... Fast shipping too - under 14 days from order to items in hand in USA - great seller!

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